Hang in there

So, the cat is out of the bag....I don't have balance, BUT yet I want to surfski.

Now the big question is: Can a balance impaired, top heavy male balance on a surfski in the ocean? Well, challenge accepted.

Dont fall, Hang in there

 SO where to start? I turned to the surfski.info forum for some help. The guys on there are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Some of the tips, tricks and exercises they shared include : Figure of 8's, lower your hands, loose weight, chew bubblegum, loose hips, etc. The ones that worked best for me was doing figure of 8's, loose hips and let the ski do what it is suppose to do.

After some practice, more paddling and even more time on the water, I have finally found my balance and learned that my main problem was trying too hard to control the ski and being to tense (stiff) while paddling.

 The best advice - Time On The Water

Get out there and paddle