I am not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions, because you make these unrealistic  resolutions after a few drinks and while you are caught up in the spirit of a new year. eg Loose 10kg by Febr, Make a million bucks before Easter, etc

So I rather have guidelines to help my keep the new year on track to reach my end goal.

Here is my 2013 Guidelines:

  • Be more active
    • surfski more
    • MTB more
    • hike more
    • take the stairs
  • Enjoy Nature
    • swim in the sea more often
    • smell the roses
    • enjoy a beautiful sunset
    • etc
  • Enjoy the small things in life
    • a good wine
    • an ice cold beer
    • sleeping in
    • etc
  • Be more flexible
    • skip the planned gym session on a beautiful day and rather go to the beach
    • do spire of the moment things
    • live in the NOW
    • do the unexpected 
  • Enjoy life
    • time with the wife
    • company of good friends
    • etc
  • Blog more

Happy 2013 to all (even thou this post is 21 days late).