Surfski Rescue

A few weeks back, we had an incident where a paddler close to shore was in need of assistance. This got me thinking: ...What would be the best way to retrieve/tow/assist a paddler who can't stay upright or paddle...??

Photo from Charge Life 
So what do I do when I have a surfski related question?  Ask the guys on the forum off course. I started a new topic and soon paddlers from across the world gave their 2 cents worth.  There are some great ideas and one would need to figure out what would suit the situation and your abilities.  

Most important:
Know your own ability
Call the NSRI first thing (if nearby)
Be prepared and carry some safety gear (mirror, tow line, etc)

Should a basic competence and safety test be a pre-requisite before a paddler may paddle into the blue yonder?  It is for power and sail boats.

Safe paddling all


RobM said...

Canoeing South Africa do have a surfski competency certification which all paddlers should have passed before they're allowed to race in CSA approved races.

So before entering the Best4 series for example, you should have done a competency test.

Smilicus said...

Thanks for the info Rob.

I was talking more in general since so many people buy a kayak/surfski and think they can just take to the water.

I have not started to race yet, so was not aware of the competency cert that you need to do (still a beginner). Do you know if it is possible to do this in advance when not yet racing? And if so, who do you contact?

Have a safe paddle at Millers Run.